9 thoughts on “27/365 Reflections on a Life: 27

  1. When did your Mom die, Dona? (Sorry, I have a feeling I asked and/or read about this before…) Sometimes I wish we all lived closer to each other and could talk in person.


    • A while back. August 2016. I never really grieved (I tell myself that I grieved when she was diagnosed or when she forgot my name) so it is taking a while to come to terms with it. Writing about it helps though.

      And it would be nice if we lived closer and could talk in person.


  2. My paternal grandmother, so like me in so many ways, had Alzheimers. So I worry too. My husband had dementia for 10 years before he died. Decades before that, a nursing home resident wandered off and ended up at my house. I gave her tea and chatted while waiting for her to be picked up. I asked her if she had children, and after a long pause she said she didn’t know. I thought, please don’t ever let me forget my children. Yes, it would be nice if we could all talk in person.


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