31/365 Reflections on a Life: 31

On the way home, this time on an airplane, I realized that when I was in that empty house, in my mother’s empty bedroom, I forgot to see if the mirror was still there on the back of the door or if the estate sale agents had sold it to someone wanting a sturdy mirror. Either way, someday someone else will look in that mirror. Will they see the shadow of a lonely teenage girl, angry at her mother about this or that injustice? She’s still there, I know it. I just wonder if it is me or her.

[Author’s note: Here’s the whole story with a photo of the mirror]

12 thoughts on “31/365 Reflections on a Life: 31

  1. I always appreciate getting to know someone though their stories, so thank you. And if you ever care to share why you didn’t take the mirror, I’m all ears.

    • Thanks Helen. I didn’t take the mirror because I simply forgot to. I didn’t think about it until after we’d left Elgin and were on the road back to Bethesda. I knew we probably would not be heading back to Elgin in anything other than an airplane for a while.

      That said — when my brother gave the house a last cleaning I asked him to take a picture of the mirror if it was still there but not tell me or show me until after January 31. He asked if I wanted him to take it for me if it was and I told him yes. He has not told me yet — so it is still a mystery to me too.

  2. P.P.S. Although the person who I heard recite it sounded much more soulful than whoever is reading it on that website (it sounds like a robot). I recommend simply reading it.

    OK, I’ll stop now…

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