52/365 Windows

We were clients from hell when we were shopping for a house in Bethesda. We toured scores of houses and found nothing we liked until we walked into the back room of the house on Hoover Street. “This is the one,” I said to Dean. He agreed. It was the wall of windows that sold us. We stopped looking that day.



8 thoughts on “52/365 Windows

  1. First I was reading too quickly and thought that your wrote “We were clients in hell….” and then I read Bethesda, which resonated because I associate hell and Bethesda in my past! Some days I have trouble getting around myself! But I would have picked that house for those windows also.

  2. Okay, that wall of windows reminds me of a room in a house on West Wing. Your house wasn’t the location, was it? (I’m such a WW fan, I’ll be starstruck.)

  3. I wish! I loved that series. I have been, many times, to the restaurant near Camp David that was mentioned on the West Wing (I think part of Bartlet’s staff went there)

    Our only claim to fame around here is that Spike Jonze grew up just around the corner — back when he was called Adam Spiegel.

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