73/365 Ebook pages lied to me

I was deliriously proud of myself for having finished a 653 page book in 4 days. I bragged about it to my husband.. It was nothing! It was easy! All I had do do was quit looking at social media all day and voila, 653 pages read in no time. Oh, ebook pages are different than real pages? Figures.

5 thoughts on “73/365 Ebook pages lied to me

  1. Delirious pride rarely lasts, unfortunately. Amazon lists the number of print pages, so if you want you can find out what you actually accomplished–although if you enjoyed the book that’s enough of an accomplishment, I’d say.

  2. This made me laugh. I no longer have any idea how long a book might be when I download it. The page numbers mean nothing to me, so I concentrate only on the “percentage read.”

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