76/365 Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish Either

Because of my last name, I have always loved Saint Patrick’s Day but I am not Irish, which people tend to think. I have not found any Irish ancestors, although I’ve searched for them. Patrick comes from England as did St. Patrick, also known as Maewyn Succat. Knowing all that, I still love Saint Patrick’s day.

2 thoughts on “76/365 Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish Either

  1. I’ve always loved my Irish last name, though I should have had a solidly German one: Wagner. My grandmother changed her name, and her son’s, back to her maiden name after a divorce. So like the saint, I’m a bit of an impostor (and will continue happily on!).

  2. I too have an Irish last name, but it was the source of much teasing at school.It’s definitely Irish – potato famine variety. But we don’t do St Patrick’s Day.

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