81/365 Myers-Briggs’ Secrets

When first took the Myers-Briggs I thought it fun and convinced my husband to take it too. The second time I was disturbed about the J. The last: I nearly lost my job for [angrily] refusing to reveal my score. I pronounced they had no business knowing the secret me, the one I didn’t even know.

4 thoughts on “81/365 Myers-Briggs’ Secrets

  1. I can never remember what I am, and I know I was on the cusp of one of them and would get something different every time I took it. Plus, I am sure I didn’t answer all questions the same way, because I always think, “Well, it depends.” I seem to remember INFP. Or INTJ. Or some mixture thereof. Always I, for sure.

    • That is me exactly. I can’t remember what I am, and whenever I take it I’m different, depending on my interpretations of the questions and answers, so I usually don’t give it much credence either.

    • I don’t remember mine either and I think it’s a bunch of hogwash. But my company really wanted us to reveal our scores. It still angers me 15 years later.

  2. We did something similar as a getting-to-know-the-team exercise for a research project a few years ago. We all promptly forgot about it and went back to work.

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