82/365 Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

We lived in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Shadyside. Fred and Sara  Rogers lived in Oakland, the neighborhood next-door to ours. Their son’s girlfriend lived in the same three-flat house as us until she secretly moved in with him. While I can’t claim to have lived in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, his son sometimes slept in our house.

10 thoughts on “82/365 Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  1. Smile.

    And I love the name “Shadyside.” A neighbourhood meant for secrets and lies, and corrupting Mr. Rogers’ offspring.

  2. Didn’t the son once claim his father was cold and distant, nothing like his TV persona? Or am I thinking of someone else? I saw Fred’s wife interviewed the other day, and she said he was exactly as he appeared on TV. But what else would she say?

    • (Maybe you’re thinking of A. A. Milne.) I’ve heard nothing but good about Fred Rogers. I was so impressed when he/the show very personally answered my friend’s kid’s letter point by point. He officiated at the first wedding of a now-friend of mine, who was a producer of his show. Doesn’t mean he was nice to everyone, of course, or that everyone liked him. That’s probably not true of anyone…

  3. When we lived in Pittsburgh, Joe Negri (who played Handyman Negri) had an weekly gig at James Street Cafe where he would perform/interact with kids. Duncan was just two-and-a-half, but he loved to go and listen to the music with the other kids. Fate dictated that we leave the area, and now James Street Cafe is history as well. I wish both boys could have grown up with that weekly connection with the Fred Rogers world.

  4. Just one degree of separation. I’m usually pleasantly surprised at how much I have in common with you guys on the other side of the world (almost). But this post … I have heard of Mr Rogers, but really have no idea who he is and why he was famous … well, except … TV, I assume.

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