87/365 Unreliable Narrators

It wasn’t until I read The Little Stranger that I really understood what unreliable narrator meant. Now I see them all the time. In literature I can usually forgive the narrator: they’re young, they’re old,  they’re suffering from mental illness. In real life I am not as forgiving. They are just liars in my humble opinion.

4 thoughts on “87/365 Unreliable Narrators

  1. I’m going to have to read that book, because I’m not exactly sure what it means… although somebody told me that Atonement is also a perfect example of an unreliable narrator.

  2. I think that sometimes people lie to themselves, so believe what comes out of their mouths. But I agree with your frustrations. I hate the use of the word “misled” when what it actually means is “lied.” (I’m thinking of a news story in NZ at the moment.)

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