89/365 Liars in the bathroom

My three bathrooms house liars. Sure, their labels proclaim Burt’s Bees® Citrus and Ginger Hand Soap or Everyone™ Meyer Lemon & Mandarin Hand Soap but they’re deceivingly filled with cheap Softsoap® from Costco®.

A recent young guest told me she loved my Meyer Lemon & Mandarin Hand Soap. I shook my head and said, sorry, it’s a lie.

6 thoughts on “89/365 Liars in the bathroom

  1. OMG, you should have your mouth washed out with soap for this type of lie…and not with that cheapy Costco stuff. Some European olive oil-based real French lavender and truffle oil-scented product.

  2. Given how many times I had my mouth washed out with soap in my youth, it is about time that someone told lies about soap! Brava!

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