93/365 Francis from Two Rivers

Found at Mom’s:

  • One note (Mom’s handwriting) containing Francis LeClair’s address in Two Rivers, WI.
  • One photo of a man sitting on a structure with “Aug. of ’54 A time to remember” written on the back. It was signed FLC.
  • One telegram from Francis LeClair to Mom on her wedding day (9-4-1954) reminding her it was not too late to change her mind.


10 thoughts on “93/365 Francis from Two Rivers

    • I actually remember my Dad mentioning mom’s sweetheart in Two Rivers. Her mother grew up there and it was a place her family visited often but Dad never liked to go. I guess this is why.


  1. There’s that wild Mom of yours again. I wonder what happened to Francis? Unrequited love stories always make me a wee bit sad, although maybe he met another love later on.


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