106/365 Catherine

I met Catherine ten years ago but it feels like I’ve known her much longer. We’re of similar age, but different backgrounds. We quickly became fast friends and it is rare that we don’t see each other regularly. The fact that she lives about seven houses east of me helps, but so do our common interests: reading, wine, talking, each other.

7 thoughts on “106/365 Catherine

  1. Ditto, re envying friends close to you. Some of my best friends live overseas. One has just left to be an Ambassador on the other side of the world, and another has just announced she’s going to France for six months. My best friend lives over the hill in a wine village, so for obvious reasons, I forgive her for that (and she works in the city).


  2. How lovely it would be to have a friend close enough to walk over in the morning for coffee (or wine, no judgement!) or just to walk your dogs together.


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