112/365 Clare’s super super


Photo stolen from Olympia Pop Rocks

David‘s so many other things than an apartment building super: he’s an author, an artist, a filmmaker, a radio healer, a Christmas poet, a human rights activist and so much more. He always remembers me and has something funny to say when I visit Clare. I feel that he keeps her safe.

David’s artwork:

9 thoughts on “112/365 Clare’s super super

    • Did you follow the link? It’s kind of a joke. He makes weird videos but I don’t think he’s serious. Olympia is a very unique town with very unique people. Even his book about Olympia is only half true.

      It seems like I didn’t describe him as well as I hoped.

    • His art is all made from found objects. The halls of The Martin are full of possible art supplies for the residents. It’s the most unique living environment I have ever seen outside a college dorm.

  1. He can’t be real, and The Martin can’t be real, and don’t get me started on Olympia! (Wondering why we don’t all live there.)

    • Someday I may move to Olympia — but probably not The Martin. The Martin has an interesting history — one fun fact is that the Martin’s laundry room was instrumental (no pun intended) in the Riot Grrrl movement.

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