117/365 Elizabeth aka Libby

I don’t know Libby but she thinks she knows me. I receive emails from her regularly, even after an exchange a few years ago where I told her that I was not Kim and Jess Domino who are apparently attached to my email address in her address book. It’s no big deal though. The emails are benign and quite easily deleted.

3 thoughts on “117/365 Elizabeth aka Libby

  1. I have someone who uses my email address when she signs up for things. I’m getting more and more sick of her hair appointment reminders. I’d show up for one and take her appointment, but she lives in Colorado.

    • Yeah, a few people use my email address for things like that. I have received: someone’s itinerary to somewhere exotic, someone’s core-building exercise plan from her personal trainer, a receipt for a Welsh pastor’s light bulbs, a confirmation for a boating trip off the coast of Oregon (the same day I was flying to Oregon) and a confirmation for an order of Indivisible shirts for a group in Austin.

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