130/365 Lentils

In my vegetarian days (late 1970s to late 1980s) lentils saved my life. When I lived at home Mom refused to cook differently for me so I learned to make lentil loaf. Later, on my own or with Dean I cooked lentil shepherd’s pie, lentil soup, lentil burgers…

I still cook with lentils often.

4 thoughts on “130/365 Lentils

  1. I’m another lentil fan. I don’t think of red lentils as lentils for some reason (probably because I was introduced to them as dal) so I envisioned the loaf made with brown lentils. That might be good too.

    • I only used brown lentils until recently — now I have jars of red lentils, green (French) lentils, brown lentils, and maybe another kind.

  2. I just mentioned on my other blog (A Separate Life) that I’m looking for lentil recipes, as I want to stop eating quite so much meat. So thank you! Other than soup with split peas, or a tagine with chickpeas, I don’t really cook with lentils or pulses at all.

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