131/365 Sauerkraut

In grade school I wrote a poem about sauerkraut that ended with something like “I love sauerkraut even when my mom burns it.” That statement is still true, although these days I eat it cold, sometimes right from the jar. My favorite is made in Olympia, Washington. Currently there are four jars in my fridge.

5 thoughts on “131/365 Sauerkraut

  1. You were ahead of your time! Sauerkraut is a trendy health food now, along with other fermented foods. Re the grade-school poem, if you managed to make that line rhyme I hope it won a prize.

    • Haha, Susan. All I really remember about the poem is that it made my mom a little angry until she admitted to once burning the sauerkraut.

      Yes, I am happy that sauerkraut is trendy — otherwise I bet Olykraut would not be making it.

  2. It’s not something that has ever been popular (or even available) here, but a niece who has transformed her body trying to eat right for her PCOS, has begun eating sauerkraut and likes it. So I guess I should try it. If I can find it!

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