138/365 Cocktails: My latest alcohol obsession

While I started out drinking cocktails (Singapore sling, tequila sunrise, daiquiris) and was always game for a good gin and tonic in the summer, I preferred wine. These days, however, I’m getting into some fun cocktails with exotic ingredients. My favorite two recent discoveries are the last word and aviation.


An aviation on the porch



5 thoughts on “138/365 Cocktails: My latest alcohol obsession

  1. Ha! I *just* reposted my cocktail haiku, which includes the Last Word, one of my favorite cocktails. I make it often at home. Recently I’ve been making a variation, which one bar called No Mas, I believe, which subsitutes Mezcal for the gin. It’s smoky and delicious. I like a good Aviation, but not as much as I should.

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