142/365 Miracle Whip vs. Mayonnaise

Yes, I admit that I prefer Miracle Whip for sandwiches over any mayonnaise. That’s because mayonnaise, to me, is at best tasteless, and at worst bitter. However, I use mayonnaise (Duke brand these days) in most recipes (potato salad, pimento cheese, tuna salad, etc.)

Have I won your respect back, blogger friends? No?  Go away.

8 thoughts on “142/365 Miracle Whip vs. Mayonnaise

  1. LOL! I am not judging (as you will soon see). I find bottled (ie not homemade) mayonnaise pretty tasteless too. We grew up with “salad dressing” which was one thing – a mixture of condensed milk, mustard, and vinegar. A real sweet/sour mixture that gives a tang. I haven’t had it in decades! But I still like a good vinegary dressing/mayo on sandwiches. After your posts on this, I’m going to check out what we actually have on our supermarket shelves now.

  2. As you know, I loathe Miracle Whip. But someone who has eaten Twinkies really can’t claim the moral high ground here. The mouth wants what the mouth wants.

  3. What were those things that looked like chocolate cake in the shape of a hot dog roll, with white cream filling? I used to eat them when i was a teenager.

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