146/365 Solo eating

When I am on my own I usually make-do with leftovers for as long as possible. I rarely make a cooked meal for just myself, and usually resort to smoothies, hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, raw vegetables, peanuts, and fruit most of which is eaten standing at the counter and only when I am hungry.

3 thoughts on “146/365 Solo eating

  1. As long as you enjoy it.
    I’m rather partial to cooking/eating (and drinking) something I love and my husband doesn’t. Hence, pasta and chardonnay nights. Even in Thailand, if my husband was going out with some mates, the maid took great delight in cooking my hot shrimp soup, because she knew I liked it and he didn’t!

  2. I don’t really cook that much for myself either, rather foraging a good bit in the fridge. But sometimes I do. And usually enough so I can forage the leftovers the next day.

  3. I become a college student again, and make a huge bowl of popcorn. Rufus (the dog) and I munch, and binge-watch something embarrassing. If I’m going solo for longer, I eventually will do real cooking, but like Kate, plan to make enough so I only cook once, and forage after.

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