152/365 Whining about whining

I’m a little worried about this month. I have been trying to be more positive this year and not whine so much online and I am worried that whining all month is going to take me back to my online whining days.

I am also worried that I will read someone else’s post and take it personally or that I will write about something and you’ll take it personally.

Okay, that’s not so much whining about whining, and more worrying about whining. I hope you don’t whine at me for not following the rules on day 1.

7 thoughts on “152/365 Whining about whining

  1. I hereby declare now that any posts I write will NOT be about any of my fellow x365ers. And I think whining about whining is a very sensible way to start. I’m sure to do it sometime too.

    Also, I share your concerns that whining for a month will bring me down.


  2. In reading your whines, I am already sad that I don’t have two months, given that I want to blah blah blah about my awful year serially, which will leave no time for my regularly scheduled whines. I was just sad that we had to wait til June, because I’m trying to be more positive too, and it’s summer here!


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