153/365 Nice place to visit…

My backyard is very bird-friendly. I have feeders, birdbaths, bushes, trees and Audubon-approved bird houses. We don’t use chemicals on the yard. A haven for birds, right? Wrong. They come to my yard for food and water and cover, but have rarely nested here.

My next-door neighbors know little about birds and can only name the most common. They put chemicals on the lawn, have dogs* and an indoor/outdoor cat. Years ago they put up some ridiculous looking bird houses (shaped like birds) and guess what. Birds nest in them every year and build nests in their trees.

No fair.

6 thoughts on “153/365 Nice place to visit…

  1. I know from experience that what you need is a spot where you absolutely DO NOT want a bird to nest. Not sure about all species, but it definitely works with robins.

  2. Where are the hummingbirds? Everyone saw them a month ago, and I can’t get them at the feeder yet this year!

  3. Oh, I feel your pain! We finally gave up on bird feeding and housing since we just seemed to attract squirrels, chipmunks, bears, spiders, and other people’s cats. (We still have scruffy squirrels eyeing the house, hanging out on fallen logs in the woods, like young street punks looking for a fix!) On a bright note: our bumper crop of dead trees means we always have a pileated woodpecker about, and there’s a broad-shouldered hawk pair nesting somewhere close.

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