155/365 The (middle-aged) Marriage Bed

I usually go to bed first, then he follows an hour or so later:

  1. Kerplump goes the footstool on the recliner;
  2. Rattle-rattle go the dishes in the kitchen;
  3. Stomp Stomp Stomp go his feet on the stairs;
  4. Woosh goes the water in the bathroom;
  5. Fiddle fiddle fiddle go his hands inserting his earbuds into his ears;
  6. Wamph goes he, jumping into bed;
  7. Farts and burps (LOUD) are often next;
  8. Rustle rustle go the blankets;
  9. HHHHHHHHH goes his throat, great loud snores;
  10. Kick, kick, go his restless legs;
  11. HHHHHHH;
  12. Kick kick;
  13. Repeat 7-12.

That’s when I head for the guest room.