157/365 Bad memories

Sometimes I wish I could delete memories like I can delete files or emails or texts or words or phrases on my computer or phone.

Most of these memories make me cringe, some make me anxious, a few make me cry.

Some of these memories are of things I said or did. Some are of things others said or did to me. Some were just plain stupid or reckless, but some were well-intentioned but taken as otherwise.

And some were just thoughts or dreams.

8 thoughts on “157/365 Bad memories

  1. I agree! There are memories that make me cringe and feel sick, although I have become a lot better at noticing them, and then putting them aside. Working on meditation and mindfulness and a lot of other things has helped. It is not doing me any good to think of them, I am not learning anything new from them (as they’re on repeat, I learned the lessons I needed to a long time ago), so I consciously put them aside.

  2. Intrusive thoughts, ruminations, things that creep in my head at a geographic trigger or smell. Things I’ve done and not done and things done to me and so much brooding.

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