162/365 The AirBNB Apartment in Oly

  1. Bed looks like a queen-sized cot
  2. The huge closets are a waste of space
  3. Thanks for the coffee, but Folgers? Really?
  4. Speaking of coffee, someone really should have checked that the former tenants emptied the coffee filter. Used, moldy coffee grounds makes for a lousy start in the morning.
  5. Thanks for the load of towels and sheets in the dryer and the beeping alert that confused us last night. Folding laundry was at the top of my vacation list.
  6. Exactly 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 bowls, 4 spoons, 4 knives, etc. but 3 wine glasses.
  7. No bedside lamps in the bedroom.
  8. No soap in the shower.

11 thoughts on “162/365 The AirBNB Apartment in Oly

    • Not really cheap, about the same as a hotel. Our usual rentals were booked because it’s graduation week.

      Oly is Olympia Washington where my daughter lives. We’re here for her master’s graduation.

  1. I am still in the apartment and don’t want to be kicked out, so no, I have not used this as my actual review. The two women who run this are very nice, so I probably won’t leave a negative review — most things are just annoying. The stupid bed is comfortable, there is soap in the bathroom (just not easily located). I might mention the coffee grounds, laundry and dust bunnies (just discovered those today) to the manger, but no negative review. Sorry guys. Plus this is Olympia…

    • Airbnb allows you to leave private comments for the people who run it. This is where I leave any small criticisms when I don’t want to leave a bad review. It has always been appreciated by the owners. You should absolutely leave this information for them, but you don’t have to make it public. I feel that’s also being fair to the people coming after you.

      • I planned to tell the manager, privately. We didn’t rent through Airbnb (it was through trip advisor) and didn’t even know it was an Airbnb until we arrived and were being shown around.

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