14 thoughts on “165/365 Walking with tall people

  1. That is, my legs are the same length as the legs of my five foot two friends. They are not five foot two. Editor is sick today.

  2. This is my mom’s major complaint of her whole life. She wonders why she isn’t thinner after years of chasing after my father (she is 5’2″ and he is 6’4″)

  3. Oh, does this mean I can do a short person complaint? Thanks for the inspiration Dona. And when I met you, I will walk slowly. It’s always about the conversation for me, not the walking!

  4. I’m late to this discussion, but I have to say that Indigo walks just as fast as a tall person, at least on cold days in the canyons of NYC. Don’t let her fool you. Dona, come and walk with me any day. I even stop to talk more!

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