166/365 Stitchfix (again)

hx7ipldo2ysubbdvdkweStitchfix disappointed me this quarter. I got my shipment yesterday and for some reason the robot thinks I am an apple-shaped late-middle-aged woman with flabby arms*, but shapely legs** who thinks white is the new black***.

*Okay those things are true
**they sent me some short-shorts (see photo) which are cute but I don’t wear shorts
***I prefer black or dark colors and they sent me all white, except for the above-mentioned pastel mint-green shorts

6 thoughts on “166/365 Stitchfix (again)

  1. I have been intrigued by this concept but afraid of what the algorithm would send me. And here I have proof. No mint shorts for me and I’m too much of a mess to wear white anything ever.

  2. Maybe the StitchFix algorithm was hacked by some Russian with a thing for older women’s legs, or at the very least a sense of white humour.

  3. I keep considering StitchFix, as my neighbor has had good luck (but let it go for budgetary reasons), BUT I keep telling myself I’m trying to get RID of things, so I don’t want a regular drop to my house. When am I going to have time to get rid of all these things? When? And now proof that the robots are getting it wrong…

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