167/365 The Voice

I recently read an article about depression that described it as a voice in your head saying bad things about you and making you feel worthless. While I don’t consider myself depressed, I do have a voice in my head telling me that I did or said something stupid. This is part of what wakes me up at night and part of what leads to those bad memories I talked about last week.

I am sick of that voice and you’d think that by the ripe old age of nearly 62 that I would have banished the voice, but it persists.

5 thoughts on “167/365 The Voice

  1. I definitely have that voice. I have learned not to believe it (at least, not all the time). To call BS. In fact, on my other blog (which I’m happy to give you the link for, though I don’t publicise it on my wordpress blogs), I’ve written about it a number of times. And came up with this:
    Banish Negative Thoughts in Three Steps.
    1. Recognise them as such.
    2. Challenge them.
    3. Don’t accept their premise – you deserve better..

  2. I saw a tweet last week from someone who said when that voice starts talking to her, she gives it a trump voice so that she’ll know everything it says to her is stupid.

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