173/365 Wut?

I am a huge advocate for accessibility of all types and make my living as a web accessibility specialist but sometimes the laws around this make me go “wut?”.

Take for instance the time I had to evaluate a learning course for air-traffic controllers, making sure it was accessible to the blind, deaf, and folks with low vision. None of those people could, for safety reasons, become air-traffic controllers.

Today I am remediating a file that discusses critical repairs for multi-family housing and places all accessibility issues before life-safety issues. I say remediate all life-safety issues first, then convenience issues.

8 thoughts on “173/365 Wut?

    • When I asked about it on an online web accessibility forum, I was told that it needed to be accessible in case someone with a disability was hired by the Federal Aviation Administration and needed to check the course for some reason or other.

  1. I find in my current job (special education case manager and teacher) that a lot of my questions are answered with, “because that’s what federal law mandates” and that’s just the end of the discussion.

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