174/365 Office space

I work from home and have half the attic for my office. Dean has an office at work, an office in the finished basement and the other half the attic for another office. His offices are off-limits to me and my stuff. If I do a clean of my attic, I cannot put anything on his side of the attic or he will be all “what’s this? get it out of here” or he just plops it on my side again. He has 3 places to call his own. I have one and it pisses me off.

9 thoughts on “174/365 Office space

  1. Listen. I’ve been stuffing empty carbs into my face all day and I’m in the perfect frame of mind to talk to Dean about this 3:1 office space ratio.

  2. I have a friend whose husband travels most weeks, and so he does not have an office, per se, in town. He does, however, have the ENTIRE HOUSE when he is home. He walks around with a bluetooth in his ear talking at random, carrying an iPad in order to work in the kitchen with his coffee or the living room with the World Cup or the office or the bathroom or wherever. Everyone else who lives in the house is expected to be silent. Silent. Because work is so important and he pays the bills and blah blah blah.

  3. FTS, Dona. That just isn’t fair. And to be honest, you only have 1/2 a space. I want to start an “Dona Gets the Attic!” campaign. Or perhaps you should just move all his stuff out of the attic into the basement? (And change the locks on the attic!)

  4. I love it when I have had a busy week being at my mom’s and so I’m late reading everyone’s responses and then you all go “let’s be brilliant on Dona’s comments” and there’s nothing left to be said at all.

    Except: take Sabine’s offer.

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