178/365 Work

I am so fucking sick of work I could spit. Nothing major has happened. The manager switch has not caused any problems yet, but I am tired of doing the exact same thing day after day. Telling people time after time that they need to make sure color contrast is acceptable, that people who cannot use a mouse have to be able to use the website they are creating, that their videos need captioning, that their HTML must be valid, that tables must be marked up correctly, that their charts and graphs need to be described, that…

Oh FTS man.

10 thoughts on “178/365 Work

    • Sort of. I evaluate and either suggest remediation for accessibility issues for digital technology or remediate it myself. I don’t mind doing the remediation but I am worn out making the suggestions.

      • Hmm, I had not thought of it like that — but your job is what I left and then entered this job after grad school. I know my special education background helps with what I do, but I considered this completely different. I see your point. You tell people how to reach special needs students and I tell developers how to make digital technology accessible.

  1. Excellent use of “FTS, man”.

    Perhaps you should type up these instructions, and hand them out to everyone, daring them to give you anything to review until they have checked the list first?

      • Tim, who does a different job, would have a similar whine, and wouldn’t it be nice if people actually did their jobs and check their lists before it came back to you? (He really hates his job lately…)

  2. I’m getting alarmed by Helen’s knowledge of the dark web. I used to have to help people to use our website. Oddly enough, they couldn’t log on when they tried to use an email address different that the one they used to create their account in the first place. And it was my fault.

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