185/365 Lost and Found books #1


Book Cover: Twig

My third grade teacher read us a book that I loved. Since I had her twice I got to hear it again.

Years later, remembering this book, all I could remember about it was that it was about a girl who suddenly became so tiny she could live in a tomato can and use toothpaste tops as drinking glasses and acorn tops as dinner plates. She also kept saying, “Ever since yesterday.”

I wrote Miss Meyer a letter once and asked her the name of the book. She wrote back and told me but I must have not kept the letter.

It took me years of internet searching before I finally found out the name: Twig, and even longer before I was able to purchase it. I’ve had it for quite a while now, and while I have looked at a number of illustrations in the book, I have not reread it. I am afraid the magic will be lost.


Twig’s House with The Great Elf standing on top. Twig and Mrs. Sparrow dodging household items being thrown out of the house by the floor which was sweeping itself.