188/365 The Book Group*

The Unnamed Book Club as it is unofficially called (although I prefer to call it Book Group), got its start several years before I joined in 1995.

We meet roughly every 6 weeks and our official membership is nearing 20 (although two never attend). We rarely have more than 10 women attend a meeting.

Our method of choosing books has evolved. It used to be that the loudest members chose the books, now we let the next host choose the book. We also plan ahead these days.

We rarely spend more than 30 minutes discussing the book so, honestly, the group is really more like a cover for a women’s club like my mom used to have in the ’60s which is why I don’t like calling this gathering a book club.

All that said, I love my book group and while some of the members drive me a little crazy sometimes, I love the women in the group. Many of these women have been my friends for over 20 years.

Here’s a video of my bookgroup reading The Night Before Christmas. Sorry about the quality of the image and inconsistent lighting and sound.

*Not to be confused with the film, The Book Club.