190/365 Cookbooks

Someone on Facebook asked her followers if they still used or owned any cookbooks. I replied that I cook from cookbooks about 25% of the time which was probably a little high, although many of the recipes I use regularly originally came from cookbooks. I tend to use other means (the internet, recipe cards, no recipe, Blue Apron) to find recipes these days.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of cookbooks. My favorites are the Moosewood cookbooks and California Fresh — a cookbook created by the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay and given to us 30 years ago by our next door neighbors, and dear friends.

Many books are stained on the pages we most often use and two cookbooks (The Moosewood Cookbook and Clay Cookery) have broken spines and have since been put in three-ring binders.

I have an emotional attachment to most of my cookbooks and have a hard time giving/throwing any away (although I did a purge of several a few years ago). Cookbooks that have outlived their duty in my kitchen (unlike those below) have their own shelf in the family room.


75% of my cookbooks. The others are elsewhere.


6 thoughts on “190/365 Cookbooks

  1. I think we all should just do posts of various book shelves in our houses! I have several that you own – the Moosewood’s, Silver Palates, Madher Jaffrey’s. Have you ever traveled through Ithaca, NY, where Moosewood is?

    • Good idea Kim.

      Yes, I did eat at the Moosewood Restaurant once. Dean had a work trip to Toronto so we grabbed my mom, piled the kids (and Mom) in the car and drove to Toronto via Ithaca so I could eat at the Moosewood Restaurant. I was no longer a vegetarian, but still loved it. Dean (or my mom?) bought me a Moosewood tee-shirt that I still own.

      I discovered Moosewood cookbooks at the same house in which I discovered the Little House series. We were house-sitting at a fancy house in Santa Monica and they had a couple of Moosewood cookbooks there.

  2. I have a couple of those. Same thing–stained and water damaged pages where they are most loved.

    And I’m up for a photo of bookshelves. I’ll put it on my list

  3. Nope, I don’t have any of those. But I do recognise some, from bookshops’ cookbook sections.
    I think I might be able to do a bookshelf post.

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