195/365 A book for Helen

image001We’re going to Vancouver, BC this summer. Dean has a conference, I like luxury hotels and Clare and her boyfriend are joining us. Clare let us know last night that they are going to stay in a “super old super haunted house” belonging to her boyfriend’s “punk Vancouver friend.”

She sent me a link to a blog post about a man posing as a doctor in 1931 who set up a hospital in a house in Vancouver (the house where Clare will be spending about 4 nights). He then talked ill people (and now residents of the house/hospital) into making him their beneficiaries. They died shortly thereafter. Apparently this happened to about 20 people. He was eventually caught and hanged.

Anyway, after reading about the house and murders, I selected a link in the blog post and found a book that I think Helen (maybe Maureen too?) would like: Blood, Sweat and Fear by Eve Lazarus. The story about Clare’s boyfriend’s punk friend’s house is Chapter 10.

Hell, I think I would like it too!

5 thoughts on “195/365 A book for Helen

  1. “I like luxury hotels” made me laugh. I do too. A lot! Definitely more than haunted houses. Though I did stay in a supposedly haunted castle in Poland. No ghosts, though I looked when I got up in the middle of the night.

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