197/365 Jack Burgoyne’s literary tours: Part 2 — Watership Down

For some reason I was fascinated with rabbits in my late teens. It might have been the rabbits that lived in our backyard. It might have been something else, but I read, and loved, Watership Down in 1975 – 1976. Then I read Ronald Lockley’s  “The Private Life of the Rabbit” and when Jack Burgoyne asked me where we should visit, I asked if Watership Down was a real place.

It was and it was put on the itinerary along with Oxford, camping with Druids, touching the stones at Stonehenge, sitting on posts at Woodhenge and handling dangerous objects at an air force base.

Copy of danger

Jeremy and Dona at an air force base where we picked up objects before seeing this sign.

Copy of jackwoodhenge

Jack on a stump at Woodhenge

Copy of jerdoncamp

Our campsite outside a pub. The ground was lumpy so we thought we were sleeping on Druids

Copy of jeremystonehenge

Stonehenge when you could touch the stones

Copy of jeremywatership

Jeremy at Watership down

The next winter Jeremy painted “Dona at Stonehenge.”