210/365 Weekly Reader Books

As with the Book House Books, my parents did the right thing by me and signed me up for the Weekly Reader book club where I would get an age-level appropriate book every month. I remember being excited when I did get a book, but I only remember a handful of the books.

Mom warned me that if I didn’t read the books she’d cancel the subscription.

The first few were picture books: The House on East 88th Street (a crocodile named Lyle lives a life of luxury in New York City); Gus was a Friendly Ghost (a ghost lives in a house in the country with a family); and Anatole over Paris (a French mouse flies on a kite over the city of Paris).

The next were chapter books. I mostly remember Ribsy which introduced me to Beverly Cleary and therefore Ramona and Bezus. The Secret Raft was about a swamp in Georgia or Florida, but I barely remember the content but it made me want to visit swamps in Florida or Georgia. Many others were left unread and mom cancelled the subscription.


Left these for the estate sale guys to dispose of

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