226/365 ABC Poem: Metrophobia

August has arrived
Bringing with it poetry month;
Certain unnamed blogger will never be forgiven*
Despite her broad interpretation of poetry.
Enough moaning, Dona.
Get on with it;
Have faith in yourself Dona.
(I don’t, that’s the problem)
*Just kidding
Kim, really
Metrophobia: fear of poetry (really!)
No more Dad poems; Mom’s lists are gone;
Oh, that poem Grandpa wrote: later this month
Poetry has never interested me, much
Quite frankly, poetry terrifies me
“Ridiculous!” you say?
Skipping this month is out of the question.
Time to wax poetic.
Unfortunately my talent is waning;
Virtually disappeared.
Wayne writes prose-poems. Perhaps I can do that (although not nearly as well)
Xeroxed sheets, warm from the copier with instructions for writing poetry make me
Yearn for the days teachers taught the subject. I wish I’d not
Zombied-out back then.