241/365 Birthday night dreams

The night I turned sixty-two
I dreamed of squirrels and speeches.
Squirrels escaping attic windows
their kits following and flying.
Acceptance speeches in designer gowns
not sure of the venue.

The night I turned sixty-two
I dreamed of taxis and water.
Mid-speech taxi ride
Will Smith was the driver
Will Smith dove the taxi into a river
drenching the designer gown.

The night I turned sixty-two
I dreamed of Will Smith’s daughter
Will Smith knew I had some money
to take care of the ride and gown
But he offered to give me his daughter’s piggy bank
in case I didn’t have enough cash.


Note: I wrote this the morning after the dream and thought I would save it for next month because the topic fit. This morning I looked at it again and realized that I wrote it in a poetry format (not that I didn’t realize that when writing, only when I was deciding when to post it did the format slip my mind) so I offer it during poetry month instead.


7 thoughts on “241/365 Birthday night dreams

    • You won’t see this, at least for a while, but here is my theory:

      First stanza: I’d just gotten to the part in the book, The Wife, where the narrator talked about the husband’s love of talking to audiences. He was ready to give an acceptance speech at a prestigious award ceremony. The wife’s dress was mentioned.

      Second stanza: I’d just that afternoon been recorded for a webinar about accessibility and the recorder is an African American man whose voice sounds like Will Smith — He may resemble him too, but I have never met this guy — it was all done online and through the phone. His name is William.

      Third stanza: not sure, but I have been seeing a lot of videos and photographs of Dan Bern’s daughter.

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