243/365 One Poem More

One poem more
Another poem, another blog post
This never-ending month of August
Will hopefully never be repeated
One poem more.

I wrote more before this month
How can I write another poem?

One poem more.

Tomorrow I’ll write about songs
Or maybe I’ll write about dreams

One more day of poetry writing

Will I ever write another poem?

One more day of hating poetry

I was born to not write poems

What a blog post I could have written

Had it not included poems

But Kim chose the topic

One more poem before the month ends

And here I write a parody

Of a song from my favorite musical

I tip my hat to my blogging friends

For their creations the month of August

How I dare to write this parody

Will you accept my apologies?

I’m already thirty-nine words over

The 100 word limit for this month

I’ll leave you with this last thought

This song parody

Is like a segue for next month.