273/365 Murder

Scrambling for a last dream post I searched “dream” on my CCL blog and found one in which I was violent to a family member. In the comments I mention my dreams about having killed someone in the past. I’ve had a few of those lately and they are very disturbing, only partly because I am about to get caught.

272/365 Me and My Shadow

After my grandparents moved to Chetek someone gave them a tape recorder and they’d create audio tapes for family. My grandma had a toy organ and their beagle, Chubby, would sing along with her. Ten years ago I converted one of the tapes to .mp3 files and uploaded them to my Clutch Cargo Lips blog. Here’s Me and My Shadow.


269/365 Retirement

Retirement is currently my greatest life-dream. Not that I am wishing away three of the remaining years I have left on Earth, but I no longer love what I do for a living and I don’t feel like changing careers at 62. I look forward to the day when using a computer is something I do for pleasure and not work.

267/365 Cabin in the woods

In my late teens and early twenties I told anyone who would listen that my dream house was a cabin in the woods with chickens for eggs and a cow for milk. I’d grow my own vegetables near the house. It never occurred to me that a wooded lot would be too shady for vegetables. I ended up in suburbia.

265/365 Daydreams

I can get lost in daydreams if I am not careful so when I feel a daydream coming on when I need to be thinking about something else, I stop and file it away to think about at night when I cannot sleep. I am remarkably good at this, although my daydreams are becoming rarer as I age, which sucks.

264/365 Downtown

Until I really listened to the lyrics to Downtown I never quite understood my mother’s obsession with the downtown of cities I’d visited. She was usually disappointed that I’d not gone downtown, but her idea of downtown was from the song:

So go downtown, things’ll be great when you’re
Downtown, no finer place for sure
Downtown everything’s waiting for you

263/365 Dialing a phone in a dream

I have trouble with numbers, I always have; dialing a phone number makes me nervous. That problem has wormed itself into my dreams: I’m desperately trying to dial a phone, but can’t punch in the numbers and I panic. In a relatively recent dream I shouted “Alexa, dial 911” and she unhelpfully replied, “Hmm, I don’t know how to do that.”

261/365 Work dreams

Much of my work is repetitive: Check the code, check the links, check the tags, check the images, check the properties, report my findings, rinse and repeat; so it comes as no surprise that my dreams are frequently repetitive and tiring. I often awake thinking I need to go back to sleep to finish whatever repetitive task I’ve just escaped.

259/365 Surfing my dreams

After becoming connected to the World Wide Web I began having hyperlink dreams. I’d be in a dream, then touch some object in the dream and be transported to a new dream where I could touch something there and move to another dream. It was a result of “surfing the web”. I don’t “surf” anymore, so those dreams are gone.

253/365 Frank Sinatra Dream

Friday night I dreamed I met Frank Sinatra. I believe it was the double vesper I drank before dinner and the wine for dinner that brought him to my bed. We had a fine chat and I admitted I didn’t really like his music. Later, telling people I’d met him, they all asked why I didn’t mention his daughter Nancy.

252/365 Earworm hymns

Two slim books of hymns belonging to my father’s mother sit in a pile of “to blog about” items. One has no cover, the other does. But they both, when I hold them, cause church music to play in my head. No particular title, just soaring organ music and out of tune, but determined voices filling my mind with song.

dpatrick074 (2)

250/365 The Whistler

My husband always needs music playing in the background. In the car, in the kitchen, in the shower, in his office, on his bike. There are times however, he cannot play music so he whistles instead. Poorly, annoyingly, gratingly. I politely ask him to stop. Once a colleague shouted “Would you please cease that incessant tuneless noise you are making!”

249/365 Recurring dream #1: House Dreams

I suddenly discover we’ve sold our house and own another house usually far away, sometimes on the same street. I’m excited at the newness and walk from room to room, exploring. The houses are usually a labyrinth of rooms and hallways, often full of former owner’s items. I never finish touring the house and awake disappointed I didn’t see everything.

247/365 Flying in my sleep

I have not flown in my sleep in decades and I could only fly in my childhood backyard because I needed the back screen door handle to boost me up. I’d hold on to it and kick my legs backward until I was floating, let go of the door handle and swim through the air.

backyard showing the door that allowed me to fly

Flight enabling door in background