250/365 The Whistler

My husband always needs music playing in the background. In the car, in the kitchen, in the shower, in his office, on his bike. There are times however, he cannot play music so he whistles instead. Poorly, annoyingly, gratingly. I politely ask him to stop. Once a colleague shouted “Would you please cease that incessant tuneless noise you are making!”

6 thoughts on “250/365 The Whistler

  1. Sometimes I wonder how marriages last–or how the institution took hold at all. I grew up with music playing in the background. My husband liked only what he called “serious” music: Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Mahler. I can’t whistle, but I sang (softly) to myself around the house. It was not well received. All these years later (including 13 years of widowhood) I’m still out of the habit.


  2. I like music playing in the background, but it has to be pleasant, not too loud, and definitely not an “incessant tuneless noise.” lol My husband (like his parents) can walk around the house in complete silence. Whereas that’s very lonely to me, except on a sunny afternoon.


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