273/365 Murder

Scrambling for a last dream post I searched “dream” on my CCL blog and found one in which I was violent to a family member. In the comments I mention my dreams about having killed someone in the past. I’ve had a few of those lately and they are very disturbing, only partly because I am about to get caught.

5 thoughts on “273/365 Murder

  1. Someone who was active in AA once told me when we’re angry it’s usually at ourselves—although we might not realize it at the time.
    I read in bed every night, but I’m very cautious about the content. I stopped in the middle of the book I was reading last week and brought it downstairs to finish because it was getting too threatening and suspenseful to read before sleep. It may be too threatening and suspenseful period, in which case I’ll have to give up on it. Although I look and sound (my voice, not necessarily my words) like a calm person, my nervous system is easily alarmed.

  2. I’ve had angry dreams, but never violent dreams. When I am trying to be violent, it is to defend myself, and my punches don’t connect, my knees don’t hurt the male parts however hard I try, and I feel weak and ineffectual.

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