279/365 Secrets in the Attic

The disaster area that is my side of the attic is getting worse by the week. I pull things out of the closet and knee-walls and then shove everything back in. Two weeks ago, I started cleaning out my file cabinet and today tossed an extra-large grocery bag full of papers and folders into the recycle bin. Of course, I had to look at each paper because I didn’t want to throw papers with my SSN into the bin and need to burn those papers instead (we don’t own a shredder).

Today I spent several hours trying to fix a refurbished Chromebook whose battery wouldn’t keep a charge. Nothing I did worked, and I wasted all that time on something that I probably won’t use anyway.

The horror aspect is that if I am lucky I have maybe twenty good years left and I’m wasting every weekend playing hide and seek with all my shit. Help!

4 thoughts on “279/365 Secrets in the Attic

  1. If it helps you to know I’ve been doing the exact same thing, here I am. When I needed to create a space for the new chest freezer a couple of weeks ago, it involved moving an old metal filing cabinet that needs to be trashed, and unearthing boxes of letters and other “things to save.” What a royal mess I created! I’m still wading through it. I had to stop myself from reading any more of the letters. But I’m not throwing them out.

  2. Yep. We are all in this mess! My basement looks like a bomb went off there, and even though I’ve thrown out some stuff, the remaining stuff is somehow taking up even more space. I think that I gave it room to grow.

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