281/365 Work emails

I am afraid of my work email box. Every time I open it there’s another request for my time. Time I don’t have to give because what I do has become very important to some project managers and because another part of our company suddenly discovered my team. Unfortunately, my team is a team of one. Me.

I’ve not taken a vacation without my work laptop in years. I’ve not taken a full week off in years.

Efforts to hire another person for my team was stalled in March when the higher-ups decided it was not necessary. Efforts to hire another person this month has stalled because of salary requirements and immigration labor laws.

Thus, I constantly work. I sit at the computer from morning to night, getting up only to use the toilet or to grab a snack to eat in front of the computer.

And fear the “ping” of a new email.

4 thoughts on “281/365 Work emails

  1. OMG, this is a perfect post in that it is absolute horror. I, too, am afraid of my in box. It is completely out of control! And don’t get me started on organizations that can’t live without you but won’t give you help. Arrrrrrgh!

  2. That’s horrific – the no vacation time (not even a full week, let alone three or four), the lack of assistance, etc. Can’t you just tell them “no” unless they come up with funding to give you assistance? This sort of situation is intolerable. I’m not surprised you’re afraid of the inbox.

    Also – I would have said what Helen said, except that I’m thinking “maybe in Canada, or NZ, but the US?” I hope I’m wrong.

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