282/365 The Spider Nightmare

I meant to write about this nightmare of a dream during the month of September, but never got around to it. I think it’s one of those sleep paralysis dreams.

I’m lying on my back and open my eyes. From the ceiling a large, black, hairy spider slowly bobs down on a silk thread until it is about a foot from my face. I try to move, but I can’t. I can’t get out from under the spider. I can’t swat it away with my hand. I just lie there, terrified.

Eventually, I wake up and realize the spider was a dream but the dread and fear and feeling of helplessness sticks around for a while.

I like spiders, at least ones not in my dreams, so this recurring dream surprises me.

4 thoughts on “282/365 The Spider Nightmare

  1. I suppose we’re all helpless to one degree or another in one or more areas of our lives. A spider was an easy threat for your subconscious to grab onto. Well, that’s Dr. Susan’s 30-second interpretation anyway.

  2. Fascinating. I like spiders too, but this would completely freak me out. We like to be in control, certainly. It’s possible that any big hairy thing hanging above you while you are helpless would have the same effect.

  3. I’ve had this same dream, only sometimes it becomes many small spiders instead of the large hairy one. Both versions require the light left on for hours.

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