284/365 “Becoming a Woman” part the first

It began as a regular day. I awoke, got dressed, ate breakfast and walked the roughly five blocks to my junior high. I was thirteen and in seventh grade.

It was in algebra, or maybe history class when I felt a warm rush of liquid between my legs. I immediately knew what had happened. I’d begun menstruating. I asked my (male) teacher if I could use the restroom and he must have seen panic on my face because he let me go.

In the restroom, the red spot on my underpants confirmed I’d started my period. All I wanted at that moment was to go home so I headed towards the pay phone to call my mom.

As I was getting ready to put money in the slot of the phone my PE teacher asked why I wasn’t in class. I explained to her what happened. She asked if I had a nickel. I thought she was talking about the pay phone, so I said I had a dime.

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