285/365 “Becoming a Woman” part the last

The PE teacher told me that the sanitary pad machine only took nickels, so I headed to the restroom where I bought a sanitary napkin and secured to my underwear with safety pins.

After taking care of the immediate issue I went back to the phone and called my mom. She said she could not pick me up and that I should walk home.

I went to the school office to sign out and to tell them I needed to walk home. The secretary asked why, and I whispered to her that I had just gotten my first period. She then shouted across the office to the assistant principal, Mr. Block, that this girl just got her first period and wanted to walk home.

Mr. Block said I could not walk home alone but could walk with an office page. As we left the building and walked towards my house I saw my mom’s car in the parking lot. Apparently she changed her mind.