288/365 Post-mortem photography

Clare developed a fascination with post-mortem photography a few years ago and I believe she is still interested in it.

I think it is morbid and gruesome. I understand the reason behind it, but I think that owning one of someone you never loved is akin to freakshow mentality.

Last autumn Clare called and said a local photography buff and antique store owner found a photograph that he thought could be a post-mortem photo. She sent me a photo of the photo that she wanted to buy from this man.

After reluctantly examining it and showing it to Dean and friends, we all agreed that it was not a dead child in a crib, but a sleeping child. Clare was not convinced and asked for money for Christmas to buy the photograph in a gilt frame to hang in her apartment.

She ended up not buying it. Maybe she came to her senses.

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