294/365 Am I next?

It was bad enough when Dad was diagnosed with dementia, but his, I reasoned, was probably preventable brought on by years of alcohol abuse. When I learned Mom had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I went cold. By the time I was told about Mom’s Alzheimer’s she was too far gone to be able to talk to me about it. I asked her doctor if Mom knew about the diagnosis and the doctor assured me she’d been told years ago.

Either Mom didn’t want to worry Kevin or me, or she didn’t understand the diagnosis. I remember thinking something was not right in 2010, but attributed it to stress over Dad’s illness and death.

I think it started long before then though, because she stopped talking to me on AOL IM and said it was because she couldn’t spell. I noticed it on cards she sent.

My spelling is getting worse. I am worried.

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