299/365 Macabre Olympia Dentist

One of Olympia’s peculiar denizens is a dentist named Duane. I know nothing about his dental practice, although I would never choose him as my dentist, but I know a little about his other businesses. He owns a bar called the Cryptatropa Bar which is painted black outside and inside. It hosts, among other things a statue of Lucifer and a vintage mortuary ceramic table. Dr. Duane also owns King Solomon’s Reef a decent café that has a back room behind a black door. He also owns several rental houses in Olympia, all painted…, you guessed it, black.

We’ve been to both the Cryptatropa Bar (excellent drinks) and King Solomon’s Reef (try the grilled cheese and tomato soup) and we know at least one person who lived in one of the black houses. It’s all a little macabre on the outside, but tamer than it sounds.

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