300/365 Unthinkable. Unstoppable.

It’s not going to stop, is it? Schools, college campuses, churches, synagogues, theaters, malls, dance clubs, etc. will never be safe again. Angry gun-wielding American citizens will continue to shoot at crowds of innocent people because they don’t agree with them or their way of life, or because they have a crazy-ass vendetta or because they are pissed off at their mother or because they listen to that asshole that this country elected to be its leader.

Dean and I frequented Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh often. There was the Squirrel Hill Café where we drank. There was that bagel shop where I had my first ever bagel. There was a rib shop that also sold Buffalo wings that I loved.

Each trip to Squirrel Hill took us past the Tree of Life Synagogue. We never paid attention, how could we possibly know?

2 thoughts on “300/365 Unthinkable. Unstoppable.

  1. As the story unfolded, I kept saying, “This can’t be Pittsburgh, anywhere but Pittsburgh.” But no, it can and is everywhere now. Even my beloved city.

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